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Floating wind farms and Replacement of heavy components. Where do we go?

The replacement of heavy components from floating wind turbines is going to be the pebble in the shoe of the floating wind sector for the years to come. Imagine a blade repair campaign for a full wind farm, due to excessive wear for instance. This happens. For bottom fixed wind farms the job is done…
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And what about the use of a Jack-up vessel for floating wind integration?

Installing the next generation of wind turbine on their floating foundations is going to be a challenge. So far, the job has mainly been done by large crawler cranes in ports. But integrating 15MW+ wind turbine will mean lifting more than 600t nacelle above 180m height and a reach that will depend on the floating…
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Floating wind foundation: In the middle of the race

The next decade will be determinant for the floating foundation designers. Looking at how many concepts are in development; we all know that just a few will come to commercial scale. And the question is which ones?  Which features will be the game changer? The best design ? The strongest company cash flow ? The…
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A good project execution starts with a good project preparation.

what do you put in place in your day-to-day project to involve people who will be in the firing line of the operation and have certainly stonger on site experience to challenge you in your engineering and make the operation safer if they are involved at an earlier stage…